To install Cumulus VX, first download and install the preferred hypervisor platform or development environment, then download the appropriate Cumulus VX image from the Cumulus website. After you have downloaded both the preferred hypervisor and Cumulus VX image, you can import the VX image to create the necessary VMs. This section provides an installation process overview, with next step links for each supported hypervisor or development environment.

Download the Cumulus VX Image

Cumulus VX images for all supported platforms are available from the Cumulus Networks website:

Each disk image contains a single VM for a standalone switch. You can clone the image to build the test network.

Download and Install the Hypervisor/Developer Environment

If the preferred hypervisor or developer environment is already installed, go to Configure the VMs, below.

To download and install the preferred hypervisor or development environment, follow the relevant links below. Detailed installation instructions are available on the download websites:

HypervisorDownload Location
VMware vSphere - ESXi 5.5
VMware Fusion
VMware Workstation
KVMFor package installation instructions, refer to:
Development EnvironmentDownload LocationSupported Hypervisors
GNS3  KVM, VirtualBox

Configure the VMs

After you have downloaded the hypervisor or development environment and the Cumulus VX image, follow the relevant link below for detailed setup instructions:

Log in to the VM

The Cumulus VX VM has these default login credentials:

  • User name: cumulus
  • Password: CumulusLinux!
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  1. Anonymous

    Its annoying that the initial password is something no one would guess and is relatively hard to type. Its just a sample "get your feet wet" kind of system so why using it difficult?

    1. Anonymous

      If that's the worst thing that's happening in your day, consider yourself lucky.   CumulusLinux! is pretty simple to remember.  It's just not the most obvious guessable choice.  The choice of password is encouraging me to read the fine documentation.

  2. Anonymous

    default password needs to be simple so that someone can login easily and change it, this needs a think

    1. VX uses the same password as Cumulus Linux, since they share the same codebase. 

      That being said, I've shared your feedback internally, so they're aware some customers would like to see it changed.

  3. Anonymous

    It's fine, but it wouldn't hurt to pub a blurb stating what the password is on the download page, and the debian console login screen.

    1. Good ideas. I'll share these comments as well. 

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