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  • switches — The list of Cumulus Linux switches connected to the Neutron host. Specify a list of IP addresses.
  • scheme — The scheme (for example, HTTP) for the base URL for the ML2 API. 
  • protocol_port — The protocol port for the bast URL for the ML2 API. The default value is 8000.
  • sync_time — A periodic time interval for polling the Cumulus Linux switch. The default value is 30 seconds.
  • spf_enable — Enables/disables SPF for the bridge. The default value is False.
  • new_bridge — Enables/disables VLAN-aware bridge mode for the bridge configuration. The default value is False, so a traditional mode bridge is created.


A demo involving OpenStack with Cumulus Linux is available in the Cumulus Networks knowledge base. It demonstrates dynamic provisioning of VLANs using a virtual simulation of two Cumulus VX leaf switches and two CentOS 7 (RDO Project) servers; collectively they comprise an OpenStack environment.