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Comment: clarify the reference topology is just one possible config.


  1. The leaf/ToR switches learn about connected hosts when the host sends an ARP request or ARP reply.
  2. An entry for the host is added to the kernel neighbor table of each leaf switch.
  3. The redistribute neighbor daemon, rdnbrd, monitors the kernel neighbor table and creates a /32 route for each neighbor entry. This /32 route is created in kernel table 10.

  4. FRRouting is configured to import routes from kernel table 10.
  5. A route-map is used to control which routes from table 10 are imported.
  6. In FRRouting these routes are imported as table routes.
  7. BGP, OSPF and so forth are then configured to redistribute the table 10 routes.

Example Configuration


The following example configuration steps are is based on the reference topology set forth created by Cumulus Networks. Other configurations are possible, based on the use cases outlined above. Here is a diagram of the topology: