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Comment: added note about restarting networking and switchd services - might interrupt BFD sessions. If this happens, restart openvswitch-vtep.service


To make sure that the BFD sessions are up and running, run the ptmctl -b command:.

Code Block
cumulus@switch:~$ sudo ptmctl -b

port   peer      state  local     type       diag  vrf
vxln0  Up  singlehop  N/A   N/A
vxln0  Up  singlehop  N/A   N/A

When switchd and networking services are restarted, the BFD sessions might be interrupted. If you notice that the sessions are down, restart the openvswitch-vtep.service.

If you encounter interface or VXLAN bridge configuration issues after adding the hardware bindings, run the ifreload -a command to reload all network interfaces.