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Routing on the HostSummaryMore Information



Routing on the host means there is a routing application (such as Cumulus Networks Quagga) either on the bare metal host (no VMs/containers) or the hypervisor (for example, Ubuntu with KVM). This is highly recommended by the Cumulus Networks Professional Services team.


  • No requirement for MLAG
  • No spanning-tree or layer 2 domain
  • No loops
  • 3 or more ToRs can be used instead of usual 2
  • Host and VM mobility
  • Traffic engineering can be used to migrate traffic from one ToR to another for upgrading both hardware and software


  • Certain hypervisors or host OSes might not support a routing application like Quagga and will require a virtual router on the hypervisor
  • No L2 adjacnecy between servers without VXLAN


FHR (First Hop Redundancy) Additional Information
  • The first hop is still the ToR, just like redistribute neighbor
  • A default route can be advertised by all leaf/ToRs for dynamic ECMP paths