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NCLU resides in the Linux user space and provides consistent access to networking commands directly through bash, making configuration and troubleshooting simple and easy; no need to edit files or enter modes and sub-modes. NCLU provides these benefits:

  • Embeds help, examples, and automatic command checking with suggestions in case you enter a typo.
  • Runs directly from and integrates with bash, while being interoperable with the regular way of accessing underlying configuration files and automation.
  • Configures dependent features automatically so that you don’t don't have to.

The NCLU wrapper utility called net is capable of configuring layer 2 and layer 3 features of the networking stack, installing ACLs and VXLANs, rolling back and deleting snapshots, as well as providing monitoring and troubleshooting functionality for these features. You can configure both the /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/frr/frr.conf files with net, in addition to running show and clear commands related to ifupdown2 and FRRouting.


  • net show is a series of commands for viewing various parts of the network configuration. For example, use net show configuration to view the complete network configuration, net show commit history to view a history of commits using NCLU, and net show bgp to view BGP status.
  • net clear provides a way to clear net show counters, BGP and OSPF neighbor content, and more.
  • net rollback provides a mechanism to revert back to an earlier configuration.
  • net commit confirm requires you to press Enter to commit changes using NCLU. If you run net commit confirm but do not press Enter within 10 seconds, the commit automatically reverts and no changes are made.
  • net commit description <description> enables you to provide a descriptive summary of the changes you are about to commit. 
  • net commit permanent retains the snapshot taken when committing the change. Otherwise, the snapshots created from NCLU commands are cleaned up periodically with a snapper cron job. 
  • net commit delete deletes one or more snapshots created when committing changes with NCLU.
  • net del all deletes all configurations and stops the IEEE 802.1X service.


    This The net del all command does not remove management VRF configurations, as ; NCLU does not interact with eth0 interfaces and management VRF.