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net commit applies the changes to the relevant configuration files, such as /etc/network/interfaces, then runs necessary follow on commands to enable the configuration, such as ifreload -a.

If two different users try to commit a change at the same time, NCLU displays a warning but implements the change according to the first commit received. The second user will need to abort the commit.

If you provision a new switch without setting the system clock (manually or with NTP or PTP), the NCLU net commit command fails when the system clock is earlier than the modification date of configuration files. Make sure to set the system clock on the switch.

When you have a running configuration, you can review and update the configuration with the following commands:


Restart the netd Service

Whenever you modify modify netd.conf, you must  or NSS services change, you must restart the netd service for the changes to take effect:


NCLU needs no initial configuration; however, if you need to modify its configuration, you must manually update the /etc/netd.conf file. You can configure this file to allow different permission levels for users to edit configurations and run show commands. The file also contains a blacklist that hides less frequently used terms from the tabbed autocomplete. 

After you edit the netd.conf file, restart the netd service for the changes to take effect. 

Code Block
cumulus@switch:~$ sudo nano /etc/netd.conf
cumulus@switch:~$ sudo systemctl restart netd.service

Configuration Variable

Default Setting




When true, displays the Linux command running in the background.



Enables net wrapping of ifupdown2 commands.



Enables net wrapping of FRRouting commands.


root, cumulus

Sets the Linux users with root edit privileges.


root, cumulus

Sets the Linux groups with root edit privileges.

users_with_showroot, cumulusControls which users are allowed to run show commands.
groups_with_showroot, cumulusControls which groups are allowed to run show commands.


address-purge, bond-ad-actor-sys-prio, bond-ad-actor-system, bond-mode, bond-num-grat-arp, bond-num-unsol-na, bond-use-carrier, bond-xmit-hash-policy, bridge-bridgeprio, bridge-fd, bridge-hashel, bridge-hashmax, bridge-hello, bridge-maxage, bridge-maxwait, bridge-mclmc, bridge-mclmi, bridge-mcmi, bridge-mcqi, bridge-mcqpi, bridge-mcqri, bridge-mcrouter, bridge-mcsqc, bridge-mcsqi, bridge-pathcosts, bridge-port-pvids, bridge-port-vids, bridge-portprios, bridge-stp, bridge-waitport, broadcast, hwaddress, link-type, mstpctl-ageing, mstpctl-fdelay, mstpctl-forcevers, mstpctl-hello, mstpctl-maxage, mstpctl-maxhops, mstpctl-portp2p, mstpctl-portpathcost, mstpctl-portrestrrole, mstpctl-portrestrtcn, mstpctl-treeportcost, mstpctl-treeportprio, mstpctl-txholdcount, netmask, preferred-lifetime, scope, vxlan-ageing, vxlan-learning, up, down, bridge-ageing, bridge-gcint, bridge-mcqifaddr, bridge-mcqv4src

Hides corner case command options from tab complete, to simplify and streamline output.