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Comment: try the ML2 driver with CITC


Additional REST API calls have been added to support the configuration of bridge using the bridge name instead of network ID.

Install and Configure the Cumulus Networks Modular Layer 2 Mechanism Driver

You need to install the Cumulus Networks ML2 mechanism driver on your Neutron host, which is available upstream:


  • switches — The list of Cumulus Linux switches connected to the Neutron host. Specify a list of IP addresses.
  • scheme — The scheme (for example, HTTP) for the base URL for the ML2 API. 
  • protocol_port — The protocol port for the bast URL for the ML2 API. The default value is 8000.
  • sync_time — A periodic time interval for polling the Cumulus Linux switch. The default value is 30 seconds.
  • spf_enable — Enables/disables SPF for the bridge. The default value is False.
  • new_bridge — Enables/disables VLAN-aware bridge mode for the bridge configuration. The default value is False, so a traditional mode bridge is created.

Try OpenStack with Cumulus in the Cloud

OpenStack Neutron is available as a preconfigured option with Cumulus in the Cloud. You just need to add the ML2 driver, as per the instructions above.