The following sections describe how to import and set up a two-leaf/two-spine Cumulus VX topology with VMware Workstation.

These sections assume a basic level of VMware Workstation experience. For detailed instructions, refer to the VMware Workstation documentation


Create a Cumulus VX VM with VMware Workstation

This section assumes that you have downloaded the Cumulus VX disk image for VMware hypervisors and that VMware Workstation is installed. For more download locations and steps, refer to the Getting Started page.

  1. Open VMware Workstation and click File > Open... to open the virtual machine wizard.

  2. Click the Choose File... button, select the downloaded OVA, then click Open.

  3. In the text box, edit the name of the VM to CumulusVX-leaf1 and assign the directory location to save the imported VM.

    By default, the VM is saved in the ~\Documents\Virtual Machines\ folder.
  4. Click Import to start the import process. This might take a few seconds.

  5. Click Edit virtual machine settings and configure the network adapter settings:

    • Network Adapter (1): NAT

    • Network Adapter 2: Host-only (equivalent to Internal Network)

    • Network Adapter 3: Host-only (equivalent to Internal Network)

    • Network Adapter 4: Host-only (equivalent to Internal Network)

Next Steps

This section assumes that you are configuring a two-leaf/two-spine network topology, that you have completed the steps in Create a Cumulus VX VM with VMware Workstation above, and that you now have a VM called CumulusVX-leaf1.

  1. The two-leaf/two-spine network topology requires four Cumulus VX VMs to be created. Using the Snapshot Manager, clone the virtual machine (Ctrl + M) three times to create three additional VMs, replacing the name CumulusVX-leaf1 with:

    • CumulusVX-leaf2

    • CumulusVX-spine1

    • CumulusVX-spine2

  2. After you have created all four VMs, follow the steps in Create a Two-Leaf, Two-Spine Topology to configure the network interfaces and routing.

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  1. Anonymous

    It's also possible for step 1. of "Next Steps" to clone the virtual machine using the Snapshot Manager (Ctrl + M). This will replicate the network settings from the steps in "Create a Cumulus VX Virtual Machine with VMware Workstation" and potentially reduce and configuration errors.


    Jason Leschnik.

    1. That's a good suggestion Jason. I'll amend the doc. 

  2. Anonymous

    Is VMware Workstation Player supported? Or needs to be workstation pro? Tks.

    1. VX does run in VMware Player, but keep in mind that Player limits you to one VM/VX instance at a time on a host, which isn't terribly interesting from a networking standpoint. You could try VirtualBox if you want to connect multiple VX instances into a small virtual network on your laptop.

  3. Anonymous

    Tks Pete for the advise. In this case perhaps using the GNS3 perhaps a easier way to build a small virtual network? Trying to build a home lab to test out cumulus.... 

    1. That works, or if you use Vagrant, you could try out one of our many demos up on our GitHub. And if you run into issues or have questions, feel free to ask around on our community.

  4. Anonymous

    Tks so much for the pointer. Will def give it a new to cumulus and trying some demos/lab work setup to explore. 

    1. Great to hear, good luck! Let us know how your experience goes! And as I said before, feel free to ask questions/report issues in the community. 

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