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We are transforming networking with Cumulus Linux, the industry's first, full-featured Linux operating system for networking hardware. Cumulus RMP is a network operating system solution that enables out-of-band management use cases. It provides an open platform for customers and system integrators to use as is or build rack management applications on top.

Cumulus RMP shares the same architecture, foundation and user experience with Cumulus Linux. The feature sets are also customized to the needs of out-of-band management.


Extended Support Release

This version of Cumulus RMP is an Extended Support Release (ESR). Cumulus Linux 2.5 ESR started with Cumulus RMP 2.5.6 and all future releases in the 2.5 product family will all be ESR releases. To learn about ESR, please read this article.

Cumulus Linux VersionRelease Notes
2.5.12Release notes
2.5.11Release notes
2.5.10Release notes
2.5.9Release notes
2.5.8Release notes
2.5.7Release notes
2.5.6Release notes


Download the User Guide

You can download the Cumulus RMP 2.5.12 user guide as a PDF.


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