Once you install the NetQ packages and configure the NetQ Telemetry Server, you need to configure NetQ on each node (Linux host) to monitor that node on your network.

  1. To ensure useful output, ensure that NTP is running.
  2. On the host, after you install the NetQ metapackage, restart rsyslog so logs are sent to the correct destination:

    root@host:~# systemctl restart rsyslog
  3. CentOS, RHEL or Ubuntu hosts only: Enable and restart the netqd service:

    root@host:~# systemctl enable netqd ; sudo systemctl start netqd
  4. Link the host to the telemetry server you configured previously; in the following example, the IP address for the telemetry server host is

    root@host:~# netq config add server

    This command updated the configuration in the /etc/cts/netq/netq.yml file. It also enables the NetQ CLI.

  5. Container hosts only: Enable Docker by adding the following three lines to the netq.yml file on the container host:

    root@host:~# vi /etc/cts/netq/netq.yml
      enable: true
      poll_period: 15
  6. Restart the netq services.

    root@host:~# netq config agent restart

    If you see the following error, it means you haven't added the telemetry server or the server wasn't configured:

    Error: Please specify IP address of DB server
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