What is Cumulus Linux?

Cumulus Linux is the first full-featured Linux operating system for the networking industry. The Debian Jessie-based, networking-focused distribution runs on hardware produced by a broad partner ecosystem, ensuring unmatched customer choice regarding silicon, optics, cables, and systems.

This user guide provides in-depth documentation on the Cumulus Linux installation process, system configuration and management, network solutions, and monitoring and troubleshooting recommendations. In addition, the quick start guide provides an end-to-end setup process to get you started.

What's New in Cumulus Linux 3.7.5

Cumulus Linux 3.7.5 replaces Cumulus Linux 3.7.4 and contains important bug fixes. Refer to the Cumulus Linux 3.7 Release Notes for details.

What's New in Cumulus Linux 3.7.4

Cumulus Linux 3.7.4 is no longer available due to severe issues that are resolved in Cumulus Linux 3.7.5.

Cumulus Linux 3.7.4 contains a number of new platforms, features and improvements:

What's New in Cumulus Linux 3.7.3

Cumulus Linux 3.7.3 contains a number of new platforms, features and improvements:

  • New platforms include:
    • Dell Z9264F-ON (100G Broadcom Tomahawk2)

    • Edgecore AS7816-64X (100G Broadcom Tomahawk2)
    • Edgecore AS7726-32X (100G Broadcom Trident3)

    • Edgecore AS7326-56X (25G Broadcom Trident3)
    • HPE SN2700M (100G Mellanox Spectrum)
    • HPE SN2100M (100G Mellanox Spectrum)

    • HPE SN2410M (25G Mellanox Spectrum)

    • Lenovo NE0152TO (1G Broadcom Helix4) now generally available
    • Penguin Arctica NX4804x (10G Broadcom Maverick)
  • The EVPN duplicate address detection freeze option lets you freeze a duplicate address permanently or for a certain amount of time
  • The Cumulus Hyperconverged Solution (HCS) supports automated integration with the Nutanix Prism Management solution and the Nutanix AHV hypervisor

What's New in Cumulus Linux 3.7.2

Cumulus Linux 3.7.2 contains a number of new platforms, features and improvements:

What's New in Cumulus Linux 3.7.1

Cumulus Linux 3.7.1 contains bug fixes only.

What's New in Cumulus Linux 3.7.0

Cumulus Linux 3.7.0 contains a number of new platforms, features and improvements:

For information on bug fixes and known issues present in this release, refer to the product release notes.

Open Source Contributions

To implement various Cumulus Linux features, Cumulus Networks has forked various software projects, like CFEngine, Netdev and some Puppet Labs packages. The forked code resides in the Cumulus Networks GitHub repository.

Cumulus Networks has also developed and released new applications as open source. The list of open source projects is on the open source software page.

Hardware Compatibility List

You can find the most up-to-date hardware compatibility list (HCL) here. Use the HCL to confirm that your switch model is supported by Cumulus Networks. The HCL is updated regularly, listing products by port configuration, manufacturer, and SKU part number.