What's New in Cumulus VX

Cumulus Networks has made major enhancements for Cumulus VX 3.x to produce a true learning, testing, and pre-production tool. These enhancements include:

  • In Cumulus VX 3.4.0, FRRouting replaces Quagga as the routing suite. The new configuration file /etc/frr/frr.conf replaces /etc/quagga/Quagga.conf and the daemons file is now located in /etc/frr/daemons.
  • Cumulus VX now includes ONIE with onie-nos-install support to show the installation steps.
  • The VX image comes with a GRUB Menu containing ONIE and CL. To simulate the install process on real hardware, you can install Cumulus Linux binaries from ONIE.
  • Cumulus VX is a platform; to report real-world data, you can run most of the same monitoring tools (such as sensors, decode-syseeprom, smonctl, and platform-detect) on the VX that run on hardware.
  • Cumulus VX now runs the same packages as Cumulus Linux, excluding packages that are specific to the networking ASIC. This is as close as you can get to software parity with Cumulus Linux.
  • Cumulus VX is now released alongside Cumulus Linux; as a customer, you can use VX images before you roll out newer Cumulus Linux releases.