VMware vSphere - ESXi 5.5

The following sections describe how to import and set up a two-leaf/two-spine Cumulus VX topology with VMware vSphere.

These sections assume a basic level of VMware vSphere experience. For detailed instructions, refer to the VMware vSphere documentation.

Create a Cumulus VX VM with VMware vSphere - ESXi 5.5

This section assumes that you have downloaded the Cumulus VX disk image for VMware hypervisors and that the VMware vSphere is installed. For more download locations and steps, refer to the Getting Started page.

You may encounter an issue if the wrong storage interface type is selected (SATA vs IDE). For example this log message indicates the filesystem cannot be found. Configure ESXi to use the SATA controller.

Info: Fetching ...
ONIE: Executing installer:
Verifying image checksum ...OK.
Preparing image archive ... OK.
Verifying image compatibility ...OK.
Verifying system ram ...OK.
Setting up installer ...Failure: Unable to find storage device for file system with label 'ONIE-BOOT'
Info: Check the output of 'blkid'. 

This configuration was tested using vSphere ESXi 5.5 and a Windows vSphere client; however, the VM is configured to support ESXi 4.0 and higher.

  1. Download the VMware OVFtools utility from the VMware downloads page and install it on the client. You can view installation instructions on the VMware website.

  2. Connect the vSphere client to the vSphere ESXi server using the IP address and user credentials of the ESXi server.

  3. In the vSphere client window, click File > Deploy OVF Template to open the import window.

  4. Select Browse, locate the Cumulus VX OVA file, then click Next to continue.

  5. Review the template details, then click Next.

  6. In the text box, edit the name of the VM to CumulusVX-leaf1, then click Next.

  7. As the Cumulus VX image is preconfigured, no more set up options are required. Click Next through the next few windows until you see the Ready to Complete window:

  8. If you want the VM to start immediately after the import process is complete, select the Power on after deployment option, then click Finish.

The Cumulus VX OVA image is imported into vSphere ESXi and deployed as a VM. The length of the import process depends on the system configuration. You can view the progress in the Recent Tasks pane at the bottom of the client window. After the deployment process is complete, the newly created VM appears in the list of VMs in the left pane.


Next Steps

This section assumes that you are configuring a two-leaf/two-spine network topology, that you have completed the steps in Create a Cumulus VX VM with VMware vSphere - ESXi 5.5 above, and that you now have a VM called CumulusVX-leaf1.

  1. The two-leaf/two-spine network topology requires you to create four VMs. Repeat the steps outlined in Create a Cumulus VX VM with VMware vSphere - ESXi 5.5 to create three additional VMs, replacing the name CumulusVX-leaf1 with:

    • CumulusVX-leaf2
    • CumulusVX-spine1
    • CumulusVX-spine2
  2. After you have created all four VMs, follow the steps detailed in Create a Two-Leaf, Two-Spine Topology to configure the network interfaces and routing.