VMware Workstation

The following sections describe how to import and set up a two-leaf/two-spine Cumulus VX topology with VMware Workstation.

These sections assume a basic level of VMware Workstation experience. For detailed instructions, refer to the VMware Workstation documentation.

Create a Cumulus VX VM with VMware Workstation

This section assumes that you have downloaded the Cumulus VX disk image for VMware hypervisors and that VMware Workstation is installed. For more download locations and steps, refer to the Getting Started page.

  1. Open VMware Workstation and click File > Open… to open the virtual machine wizard.

  2. Click the Choose File… button, select the downloaded OVA, then click Open.

  3. In the text box, edit the name of the VM to CumulusVX-leaf1 and assign the directory location to save the imported VM.

    By default, the VM is saved in the ~\Documents\Virtual Machines\ folder.

  4. Click Import to start the import process. This might take a few seconds.

  5. Click Edit virtual machine settings and configure the network adapter settings:

    • Network Adapter (1): NAT

    • Network Adapter 2: Host-only (equivalent to Internal Network)

    • Network Adapter 3: Host-only (equivalent to Internal Network)

    • Network Adapter 4: Host-only (equivalent to Internal Network)


Next Steps

This section assumes that you are configuring a two-leaf/two-spine network topology, that you have completed the steps in Create a Cumulus VX VM with VMware Workstation above, and that you now have a VM called CumulusVX-leaf1.

  1. The two-leaf/two-spine network topology requires four Cumulus VX VMs to be created. Using the Snapshot Manager, clone the virtual machine (Ctrl + M) three times to create three additional VMs, replacing the name CumulusVX-leaf1 with:

    • CumulusVX-leaf2
    • CumulusVX-spine1
    • CumulusVX-spine2
  2. After you have created all four VMs, follow the steps in Create a Two-Leaf, Two-Spine Topology to configure the network interfaces and routing.