ONIE Virtual Machine

Cumulus VX images now include the GRUB boot loader and Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) preinstalled. You can install Cumulus Linux on switch hardware using a binary image. You can test this process by installing a Cumulus VX binary image with ONIE in a virtual environment.

Installation via ONIE is supported in Cumulus VX 3.x and later versions.

This section assumes that you have downloaded and installed a hypervisor, downloaded the Cumulus VX binary image, and configured the VM.

  1. After booting the VM, reboot into ONIE Rescue mode using one of two methods:

    1. Select ONIE Rescue mode on next reboot and reboot the VM:

      cumulus@switch:$ sudo onie-select -rf && sudo reboot
    2. Reboot and during the first 5 seconds on the GRUB menu, change the boot image to ONIE, then select ONIE Rescue Mode using the GRUB menu.

  2. To install Cumulus VX, run the following command:

    cumulus@switch:~$ onie-nos-install <URL to cumulus-linux-vx-amd64.bin>

    Refer to Installing a New Cumulus Linux Image or the ONIE Quick Start Guide for specific instructions on various install methods.

During the ONIE boot sequence, ONIE attempts to start DHCP and timeout on every configured interface. If the VM has numerous configured interfaces, this can take a while to complete. This behavior will be addressed in the future.

After the installation process is complete, GRUB redirects you to the installed Cumulus VX instance.