Cumulus VX Documentation

Cumulus VX is a free virtual environment designed for cloud and network administrators that introduces you to open networking and lets you learn and test the latest technology from Cumulus Networks in your own time, at your own pace, and within your own environment without organizational and economic barriers. Use Cumulus VX to produce sandbox environments for prototype assessment, pre-production rollouts, and script development.

About the Virtual Machine

Cumulus VX runs in a virtual machine (VM) on a standard x86 environment. The VM is a 64-bit operating system, built on the same foundation as Cumulus Linux, running Debian Linux Jessie 4.1, using virtio drivers for network and HDD interfaces as well as the logical volume manager (LVM).

Five versions of the virtual disk image are available for use across various hypervisors:

  • An OVA disk image for use with VirtualBox.
  • A VMware-specific OVA disk image.
  • A qcow2 disk image for use with KVM.
  • A Box image for use with Vagrant.
  • A binary image for ONIE installations.

Supported Platforms

Cumulus VX integrates with the following hypervisors:

  • VMware
    • vSphere - ESXi 5.5
    • VMware Fusion
    • VMware Workstation
  • VirtualBox
  • KVM

In addition, you can use Cumulus VX with the following development environments:

  • Vagrant
  • GNS3


For more information about Cumulus VX, Cumulus Linux and supported environments, visit these links: