What's New in Cumulus NetQ 2.3

Cumulus NetQ 2.3 improves your operational efficiency by providing LDAP integration to work in conjunction with your enterprise management strategies and network state and configuration comparisons to reduce network downtime from unexpected behaviors due to configuration changes or upgrades.

Cumulus NetQ 2.3.0 includes the following new features and improvements:

For on-premises and cloud solutions

  • Graphical User Interface (UI)
    • Added lifecycle management feature that enables a user to compare snapshots of the live network state and configuration before and after changes are made
    • Added disk utilization to large Switches card
    • Added interface statistics and utilization to large Switches card
    • Added validation events
    • Changed references of CLAG to MLAG
  • Integrations
    • Added optional integration with open source Grafana analytics and monitoring tool
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
    • Added netq show platform command to view NetQ software version running on device
    • Added netq show interface-utils command to view interface statistics, utilization, and port speed
    • Added netq check cl-version to validate the Cumulus Linux version running on all devices

For cloud solution only

  • Modified secure access process to use symmetric keys instead of asymmetric keys

For on-premises solution only

  • Added role-based access control (RBAC) that can be integrated with your LDAP server

For further information regarding new features, improvements, bug fixes, and known issues present in this release, refer to the release notes.