Integrate with Hardware Chassis

NetQ can run within a Facebook Backpack chassis, Cumulus Express CX-10256-S chassis or Edgecore OMP-800 chassis.

Keep the following issues in mind if you intend to use NetQ with a chassis:

  • You must assign a unique hostname to every node that runs the NetQ Agent. By default, all the fabric cards in the chassis have the same hostname.
  • The NetQ Agent must be installed on every line card.
  • No information is returned about the ASIC when you run netq show inventory asic. This is a known issue.
  • Since the chassis sensor information is shared, every line card and fabric card can report the same sensor data. By default, sensor data is disabled on a chassis to avoid this duplication . To enable sensor data on a line card, edit /etc/netq/netq.yml or /etc/netq/config.d/user.yml and set the send_chassis_sensor_data keyword to true, then restart the NetQ Agent with netq config agent restart. Configuring NetQ in this way prevents any duplication of data in the NetQ database.

    cumulus@chassis:~$ sudo nano /etc/netq/netq.yml
      send_chassis_sensor_data: true