This topic describes the hardware and software requirements for installation of the Cumulus NetQ software on your own hardware.

Hardware Requirements

Cumulus NetQ software is supported on a variety of hardware.

A fresh server or appliance is recommended for NetQ installation. Alternately, you can create a new VM or re-image an existing server with Ubuntu as the base operating system. Be sure to back up any NetQ data beforehand if you choose this alternative.

Servers must meet these minimum hardware requirements to install the VM and have it run properly.

The NetQ software requires a server with the following:

Hardware Component

Minimum Cloud Requirement

Minimum On-premises Requirement

Processor Four (4) virtual CPUs Eight (8) virtual CPUs
Memory 8 GB RAM 64 GB RAM
Local disk storage 32 GB
(SSD not required)
256 GB SSD
(Note: This must be an SSD; use of other storage options can lead to system instability and are not supported.)
Network interface speed 1 Gb NIC 1 Gb NIC

You must also open the following ports on your NetQ Platform server or your cluster servers:

For external connections:

Port Protocol Component Access
8443 TCP Admin UI
443 TCP NetQ UI
31980 TCP NetQ Agent communication
32708 TCP API Gateway

For internal cluster communication:

Port Protocol Component Access
8080 TCP Admin API
5000 TCP Docker registry
8472 UDP Flannel port for VXLAN
6443 TCP Kubernetes API server
10250 TCP kubelet health probe
2379 TCP etcd
2380 TCP etcd
7072 TCP Kafka JMX monitoring
9092 TCP Kafka client
7071 TCP Cassandra JMX monitoring
7000 TCP Cassandra cluster communication
9042 TCP Cassandra client
7073 TCP Zookeeper JMX
2888 TCP Zookeeper cluster communication
3888 TCP Zookeeper cluster communication
2181 TCP Zookeeper client

Port 32666 is no longer used for the NetQ UI.

NetQ Platform HyperVisor Requirements

The NetQ Platform can be installed as a Virtual Machine (VM) using one of the following hypervisors:

  • VMware ESXi™ 6.5 for servers running Cumulus Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu and RedHat operating systems.
  • KVM/QCOW (QEMU Copy on Write) image for servers running CentOS, Ubuntu and RedHat operating systems.

NetQ Agent Operating System Requirements

NetQ 2.4 Agents are supported on the following switch and host operating systems:

  • Cumulus Linux 3.3.2 and later
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Ubuntu 18.04 (NetQ 2.2.2 and later)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.1
  • CentOS 7

NetQ Application Support

The NetQ CLI, UI, and RESTful API are supported on NetQ 2.1.0 and later. NetQ 1.4 and earlier applications are not supported in NetQ 2.x.

The NetQ UI is accessible in both on-site and in-cloud deployments. It is supported on Google Chrome. Other popular browsers may be used, but have not been tested and might have some presentation issues.