Contributor Guide

Welcome to the Cumulus Networks documentation contributor guide!

All of the technical user documentation for Cumulus Linux, Cumulus NetQ, Cumulus VX and our other products are now included in a public-facing GitHub repository. This enables you to provide suggestions for improvements and even create new content using a GitHub workflow.

This guide explains how to set up a local environment with the needed tools, guidelines for writing in Markdown, and how to submit those changes for approval and inclusion in the documentation set.


In order to contribute to the Cumulus Networks documentation, you need:

Get Started

The fastest way to get started is to edit existing content:

  1. Click the Edit this page link in the upper right corner of any documentation page. This takes you to the editor for that page on GitHub.
  2. When you finish editing the page, scroll to the bottom of the page under Commit changes.
  3. Type a summary and description of the changes you made.
  4. Select Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request. and enter the name of your branch.
  5. Click Propose file change. This submits a pull request for the documentation team to review, and, if approved, to merge the pull request and publish your edits.

However, if you want to create new content, read Adding New Content.