Chassis-specific Commands

In general, you use the same Cumulus Linux or Debian Linux commands on the chassis that you would use on any other Cumulus Linux switch. However, there is a new suite of commands called cl-chassis. In addition, SSH works a little differently within a chassis.

cl-chassis Commands

Cumulus Linux has a number of chassis-specific commands that can execute against one or all cards in the chassis. The cl-chassis command provides options for:

  • Installing Cumulus Linux licenses
  • Installing a network operating system
  • Interacting with daemons
  • Restarting services
  • Rebooting the fabric and line cards
  • Generating the cl-support script when you need technical support

The cl-chassis commands use a REST API on the back end.

cumulus@chassis:~$ sudo cl-chassis --help
    cl-chassis [<ipv6>|all] license-install path <text>
    cl-chassis [<ipv6>|all] reboot
    cl-chassis [<ipv6>|all] nos-install path <text>
    cl-chassis [<ipv6>|all] daemon restart <text>
    cl-chassis [<ipv6>|all] cl-support
    <ipv6> : Link local IPv6 address of an endpoint
    all : All endpoints within a chassis
    license-install : Install license for Cumulus Linux
    path : Path on the local system or a URL
    reboot : Reboot endpoint in a CLOS
    nos-install : Install a new Cumulus Linux binary image (Destructive!!!! Please backup important files)
    daemon: Cumulus Linux Daemon related operations
    restart : Systemd restart of a service
The following commands contain keyword(s) 'run'
    net run [<ipv6>|all] cl-support
    net run [<ipv6>|all] daemon restart <text>
    net run [<ipv6>|all] license-install path <text>
    net run [<ipv6>|all] nos-install path <text>
    net run [<ipv6>|all] reboot

Using SSH within the Chassis

Once you are logged into any fabric or line card in the chassis, you can use ssh and scp to connect to any other card without a password. SSH is managed by the cumulus-chassis-ssh service, which runs on port 722 and detects host names listed in /etc/hosts.